ANGELS & AIRWAVES – Schon wieder im Studio



ANGELS & AIRWAVES befinden sich bereits wieder im Studio. Hier das Update:

“Angels & Airwaves is back in the studio writing / recording their sophomore full length. Studio UpdateAngels and Airwaves are back in the studio! After much thought and consideration, the band got together and decided that it was time to regroup and write their second record. It's a very exciting time.. not only because of the GREAT success of their first record and the huge potential for the second, but they will also be the first band to use the MACBETH recording studio to it's fullest potential. Roadcases full of seemingly endless equipment have been unloaded and thousands of electrical wires have been plugged in during the past week to get everything ready for the recording process. As the band gears up for long nights.... you should also get ready for video and photo updates brought to you by Atticus and MACBETH here on

While some bands seem to hibernate while making their album, AVA wants you to be apart of it every step of the way...”