ARMOR FOR SLEEP haben ihre Auflösung verkündet. Hier das Statement von Frontmann Ben Jorgensen:

"it's been a little over a year since our last tour and some of you out there have kind of figured out whats been going on with us. we never wanted to burden you all with a formal announcement of any kind and cause some type of commotion- we just thought it would be better to kind of drift away nice and easy... i am writing this strictly speaking for myself and i honestly don't really know how pj anthony and nash will react to me being the one to write this, but i feel like it should come from me because ultimately it was me who decided it was best to leave things where they were.

to me a song is like a snapshot of a moment, real or made-up, and the band that takes that snapshot is like a camera. i was really happy and proud of the pictures that came out of our little camera, but i would have much rather put in on a shelf for me and all of us to look at with fond memories than to feel this intense need to make it take high-def panoramic mosaics when maybe it was constructed to handle polaroid film. it's as simple as that. i guess someone could examine our inter-personal relationships and weird habits and attribute them to the reason for this decision, but we were like brothers and no clash was ever too great to slow us down. i hope that time won't obscure that fact...i know it won't for me.

that being said, i think the real and only reason i am writing this is for you who have been fans of armor for sleep. even though it hasn't been a secret that we are not working on an album or touring, it has felt really weird to not come out and say that the needles been lifted from the record. you have always been so amazing to us and i know through all of our fancy little internet avenues we will always be able/willing/not creeped out/ to talk about life, death, armor tabliture, the needler, whatever your little hearts desire. pj anthony and nash are all amazing people who i've witnessed first hand probably more than anyone in the world as being super talented at whatever they do and i know whatever they choose to do will be amazing. i know you'll have their backs just as i will.

as for me, i have been hard at work cooking something up. i have a new camera. i never like to blab about stuff until its ready and for this reason i wasn't giving play by play updates when it was still in its complete infancy...but i will get into it more very soon. i'm really excited, and for me as someone who has been working a long time at the art of writing songs and having these weird visions about how i see a band being presented, i feel like i've put lots of pieces together from the terabytes worth of experiences i've lived through...i know some people will probably always want to hear dream to make believe or something no matter what i'm doing, which is fine, but time is an arrow and i'm not going to try and argue with that...i know i will always be myself and no matter what camera i'm behind i know you'll always recognize the hands holding it. thank you to everyone who's been supportive and listened to anything i've been a part of in any facet. i can't wait to tell you more about things to come. Check back in about a week for something new..."