ARMS ALOFT - erster neuer Song im Stream



Mit "What A Time To Be Barely Alive" veroeffentlichen  ARMS ALOFT ihr neues Album im September erstmals via Red Scare Industries. Mit "The Truth Is Out There" stellt die Punkrockband unten einen ersten Song daraus im Stream vor. Frontmann Seth Gile:


"Any punk song worth its salt is at least kind of about politics. Usually personal politics, unless it’s the uncut shit like Propagandhi or Crass or whatever. And that’s the kind of thing we’ve always written before, too. Personal stuff. But it sort of hit me while we were putting this record together that all these songs we’d been writing were about symptoms. Anxiety, self-medication, depression. To the extent we had a reputation, it was a reputation for yelling about that kind of shit. So this time I made a conscious effort to try and write about the causes. “Why do I have anxiety? Why do I self-medicate? Why can’t I sleep?” Well, it’s because of this toxic election or news reports about bombs falling on places I’d have a hard time finding on a map or cops killing kids or bands selling t-shirts sewn in sweatshops or just whatever else. It’s a fucking scary and weird time to be alive. So a lot of the record, including this song, is more about “WHY do we feel like this?” And what can we do about it? How are we going to make the most of being tossed back and forth by the death throes of the type of American capitalism we were all brought up in? What’s next and how the holy shit do we get there? I don’t even kind of think we answered any of said questions… but at least we asked them really loud?"