ARSIS - ersetzen Drummer



ARSIS haben sich von Drummer Darren Cesca getrennt und ihn durch Alex Tomlin ersetzt. Hier das Statement von Gitarrist / Vokalist James Malone:

"Although we had a great run over the past year and a half with drummer Darren Cesca, we have decided to stop working with him in Arsis. The reasoning behind this decision is simply differences in personalities and an overall difference in direction. Darren is an amazing musician and we harbor no ill feelings towards him. We wish him all the best. We are most excited to announce that Alex Tomlin, a long time friend of ours and an outstanding drummer, will be replacing Darren. His first shows with us will be on the 'In Thrash We Trust' tour starting this Wednesday. Come out and support Arsis and the new addition to our line-up!"