ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS - Es hat sich etwas getan



Bei ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS hat sich in letzter Zeit einiges getan. Nachdem sich das Bandkarussell ordentlich drehte ist die Band dabei, neue Songs zu schreiben. Hier ein Update von Gitarrist Arthur Alvarez:

"So if you didn't notice things have been a little crazy over here at the Arsonists camp. We have made some necessary line-up changes and if you have seen us recently it's been a little different and I'm going to explain everything. I want to say first off that Adam and Derek have decided to leave the band on good terms. We love these dudes and it's really hard to see them go. Touring full-time isn't for everyone and we understand that. Everyone else remains in the band still. If you saw us on tour with Carnifex you are asking yourself who the fuck is that guy on bass. Steve Dean of Moria fame has decided to step up and help us out as a filler, but hell we liked him so much we decided to keep him. So everyone give Steve a warm welcome when you see him. As for the guitar spot - we finally found someone to fill in for our upcoming Thrash and Burn tour, thank you to everyone who sent us stuff! Jaeson Bardoni (also ex-Moria) has decided to jump in and say 'fuck it, I will give it a shot." So that is where everything stands with that.

"The next order of business and I know you guys have been waiting for it; we have started writing for our next album. We have roughly 4 or 5 songs with guitars and drums. This is the most amazing shit I have ever written and Im very stoked on what the final product will sound like. We plan on recording in Dec./Jan., so keep your eye open for new stuff during that time.

"Lastly, I just want to thank everyone for sticking with us through these hard times and I cant wait to see everyone on Thrash and Burn!"