AT THE SKYLINES - Unterschreiben bei Roadrunner Records



Roadrunner Records begrüßt die aus Südkalifornien stammenden AT THE SKYLINES in seinen Reihen.

Derzeit schreiben die sechs Bandmitglieder (inklusive zweier Gitarristen und doppelter Gesangspower) das Material für die erste gemeinsame Veröffentlichung mit Roadrunner. Die Aufnahmen werden mit Fredrik Nordstrom in Schweden stattfinden, der schon mit Größen wie AT THE GATES, BRING ME THE HORIZON, IN FLAMES und DIMMU BORGIR gearbeitet hat. Für den Rest des Herbstes sind AT THE SKYLINES fleißig auf Tour in den Staaten.

Barela kommentiert die Zusammenarbeit mit Roadrunner folgendermaßen: "I am thrilled to see all that is to come from our relationship with Roadrunner Records. The opportunity to work with Fredrik Nordstrom on our first album is simply a dream come true!"

Yates führt das weiter aus: "Fredrik is someone that I have looked up to my entire life when it comes to music. From the bands he has produced to the bands he has played in, he is flawless. I am still taken back by the opportunity that we have been given in working with him on our upcoming album."

Roadrunner A&R Andy Serrao: "We are really excited to have At The Skylines part of the Roadrunner family. In a short time the band has exploded into the heavy music scene and has won over fans with their great live show and infectious songs. We couldn't be more excited to have them teamed up with producer Fredrik for their debut record, the end result will no doubt be one of the most crushing records of 2012."