AT THE SOUNDAWN bei Lifeforce



Die italienischen AT THE SOUNDAWN sind bei Lifeforce untergekommen. Hier das offizielle Press Release:

"Lifeforce and Lifeforce America are proud to announce the addition of Italy's very own AT THE SOUNDAWN to the roster! AT THE SOUNDAWN play a unique and unfettered style of music that can be described as beautiful, crushing and ethereal. Formed in 2000, AT THE SOUNDAWN have been crafting their newest effort and Lifeforce debut "RED SQUARE : we come in waves" since 2005, which will see a late spring / early summer release. "RED SQUARE : we come in waves" harkens the sounds of jazzy influenced Radiohead and Isis while combined with the hardcore urgency of Shai Hulud.

"RED SQUARE : we come in waves" was produced by Riccardo Pasini at Studio 73, known for his work with the Italian acts Ephel Duath, The Secret, Slowmotion Apocalypse."