A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS - bei Redfield Records



Zurzeit sind A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS im Kohlekeller Studio, um ihr neues Album aufzunehmen. Auf der Suche nach einem Partner, der die bestmögliche Unterstützung bietet, sind die Niedersachsen fündig geworden - daher wird ab sofort Redfield Records das Label an der Seite der Band sein.

Die Band kommentiert folgendermaßen:

"Last Friday we met Alex – after 7 hours of talking, laughing and eating it was obviously that we have the same ideas, same attitude and the same passion as we spent the last years.
So we decided to work on in the future and started this new project.

Alex is one of the owners of Redfield Records.
They were founded in 2001 and worked with a lot of different bands and acts like Textures , LOWER THAN ATLANTIS John Coffey, Living With Lions , Kmpfsprt, The Blackout Argument, Social Suicide and many others the last years.

Now we're a part of it. Still can't believe this."