A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS mit neuem Frontmann



Nachdem A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS Sänger Björn wegen Stimmbandproblemen sein Amt bei der Braunschweiger Combo aufgeben musste, hat man nun Ersatz gefunden. Hier das Statement:

Finally it`s done WE HAVE A NEW SINGER!!! After three months with a lot of tryouts (good and bad ones) we decided to give the job to Colin, an irish guy from Belfast, who moved to germany. This dude is highly motivated, has an amazing voice and already wrote some really good lyrics for our upcoming album. Things couldn`t get better for us :-)) We'll play our first show with Colin on december, 25th in genthin / germany. A lot more shows will follow in 2007!!! Check out our MySpace profile and feel free to leave him a "welcome" comment..."