Angels & Airwaves geben Songtitel bekannt



8 Sontitel des anstehenden Angels & Airwaves Debüts sind an die Öffentlichkeit gedrungen:
Valkyrie Missile
The Adventure
The War
A Little’s Enough
It Hurts
Do It For Me Now
Start The Machine.

Tom hierzu:
"You can’t talk with AVA for long, though, before the conversation turns to one subject, the idea of changing the world.

It’s something that comes up often and it’s an ambition that’s shared by each member. It’s a noble objective and any fan of music will attest to a song’s capability to touch people’s lives. But to change the world? It’s hard to understand exactly what that means. “I’m going to change the world,” so Delonge. “I’m fascinated by that idea. What’s the worst that can happen if you try?”