BACKFIRE! 1994 - 2009: The Story Ends



Hier das Statement der Band:
"After 15 awesome years of making music, writing songs, touring, hard work, dedication and most of all tons of fun and laughs, Backfire! is closing the book.

We are grateful that we had the chance to play and tour as much as we did and we will always remember what we've got back from all of you people worldwide for so many years.

It was one of the hardest decisions in our lives but we think it's time to take different directions and keep the memories of this band alive as they are now, that is the best we could have asked for, there's no other way.

Thinking of the friends we've made during the years makes us feel proud and blessed, the friends we've lost are still with us in our minds and memories.

Thank you all so much for letting us do what we did, helping us and believing in us.

Signing off, Backfire! 1994 - 2009"

Backfire! werden noch 4 Shows im August spielen sowie 2 Abschiedsshows gegen Ende des Jahres. Hier die August Dates:

7/8/09 - Germany, Leisnig, Sucks N Summer
15/8/09 - Germany, Torgau, Endless Summer
21/08/09 - Germany, Gräfenhainichen, OFT open air
22/08/09 - Germany, Zedtwitz, Fernverkehr

Man wird weiterhin an einer DVD arbeiten.