BAD ASTRONAUT - Box-Set & neue Single



BAD ASTRONAUT um Mastermind Joey Cape (LAGWAGON) und Mitglieder von u.a. SUGARCULT kuendigen das Release eines Box-Sets an, welches die Alben "Houston: We Have A Drinking Problem" (2002) , "Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment" (2006) sowie das rare 2001er Release "Acrophobe: vereint. Zudem enthaelt die Box eine neue 7" Single namens "Inner Space", die das erste Material der Band seit 15 Jahren enthaelt. Cape kommentiert:

“My favorite thing in the world is when bands make three records, break up and then years later, there’s an anthology or a box set. And you’re immediately like, ‘Why? But also, ‘I’m gonna buy it!’” 

Gitarrist Marko DeSantis sagt: 

“We’re still really proud of this music, and enough time has passed that we can go back and listen to it objectively. But it’s bittersweet because you get so stoked to think about Bad Astronaut, it brings back so many inside jokes and great feelings and pride, but then it also reminds me that Derrick died, and he didn’t die in a very sweet way. It’s a hard place to return to, but at the same time, you just remind yourself that anything that has Derrick involved in it keeps Derrick alive to some degree.” 

Das Ganze erscheint am 23. April via Fat Wreck und kann bereits jetzt vorbestellt werden. Zudem gibt es unten mit "Wide Awake" einen neuen Song der Indierockband zu hoeren.