BEARINGS - bei Pure Noise Records



Die kanadischen Poppunker von BEARINGS sind das neueste Mitglied der Pure Noise Records Familie. Ihre neue EP "Nothing Here Is Permanent" erscheint am 8. September - vorab stellt die Band mit "North Hansen" bereits einen Vorabeindruck zum Release vor. Frontmann Doug Cousins:

"We are excited to release Nothing Here Is Permanent through Pure Noise Records. It's great to have everyone around us just as excited for the EP as we are. We worked so hard to write something we'd be happy with, it feels great to finally be sending these songs out into the world.

”North Hansen” is the first song where I opened up about my dad passing away. I wanted to make sure everything felt right before I delved that deep into the loss I experienced. That being said, the song makes a clear point of letting the listener know, that things do get better, you just gotta hang in there."