BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE - Gitarristenwechsel



BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE bekommen keine Ruhe in ihr Lineup. Gitarrist Alex Kenis ist raus, Jon Star (Hauptsongwriter auf dem Debüt "Terminate Damnation") ist wieder drin. Dazu die Band:

"Alex is stepping down from his lead guitar post in BTA. Cornerstone this year will be his last show with us. He has been a huge asset to the band for over 2 years and will be missed by those of us in the band and fans of the band alike. Alex is going to be re-focusing all of his musical energy on Aletheian. If you are going to be at Cornerstone this year make sure to stop by and say thank you to Alex for all that he has done for BTA.

"The position of lead guitar has been filled by none other than Jon Star. For those of you who don't know, Jon was the original guitarist and primary songwriter on our first album 'Terminate Damnation.' The band is very excited to have Jon back and to have the original 'BTA brain trust' back together. Seth and I have been working with Jon since December of last year writing new material for our 3rd album. Having Jon back in the lineup (along with the addition of our awesome new drummer Lopez) has reignited a fire in the band and the writing process has been an absolute blast. The new songs are the heaviest thing we have written to date and have more of a 'Terminate Damnation' sound which should make a lot of our fans very excited. However, we are definitely not dropping the progressive edge and we can guarantee this album to feature all sorts of creative twists that no one will see coming. We cant wait for the world to hear what we have been working on."