BLACK PEAKS - Video zu "Home"



BLACK PEAKS haben in diesem Jahr noch einiges vor! Zunächst wird die Band einige Festivals spielen oder als Support von A PERFECT CIRCLE auftreten. Im Oktober erscheint dann das zweite Album "All That Divides" via Rise Records / BMG / ADA Warner und die BLACK PEAKS kommen auf Club-Tour! Sänger Will Gardner kommentiert den neuen Song "Home" und das Album: 

"We were writing the song against the backdrop of a lot of uncertainty with regards to personal and political identity. We were out on tour in Mainland Europe in mid-2016, during a period where we as British Citizens felt like decisions being made on behalf of our ‘Home’ did not represent us. There is a uneasy feeling of severance that happens when you are not physically at home during a time of transformation. Our feelings of disconnection and division from our country and it’s people, coupled with tour-fatigue and cabin fever, made for some of the most difficult times we have experienced, as a band, as friends, and as people.
Lyrically at least, this album represents the fear of a future where freedom is restricted. Over the last two years, we as a band have been incredibly lucky to have been able to travel accross Europe and play our music. The fact this happened to take place during a period where various political changes, at home and abroad, made us focus a lot about the freedom and right to travel. We have seen people, families, relationships and countries divided by conflict and political upheaval, and our reaction to this is a core lyrical theme running through the album."
24.10.2018: Köln - Gloria
25.10.2018: Hamburg - Molotow Sky Bar
29.10.2018: München - Kranhalle
30.10.2018: Wien (AT) - Arena 3Raum Bar
31.10.2018: Zürich (CH) - Dynamo Werk 2