BLEED THE SKY - Pre-Production des neuen Albums



BLEED THE SKY, die Band aus Oklahomo, hat folgendes Update u. a. zum Nachfolger des 2005 erschienenden Debüts "Paradigm in Entropy" online gestellt:

"We want to start things off with the biggest apologies for not keeping our [MySpace] page updated. We've been swamped with work to do on our new record. Along with that, we've also been going through major changes within the band.

"Just weeks before we went in to begin pre-production of our new record, Dave Culbert decided to step down from his position as our new guitarist. This very unfortunate turn of events, however, led us to our original target for guitarist. We had previously contacted a personal friend Justin Warrick, formerly of the southern California band REV, and offered him the position. He regretfully declined at the time, but given this second opportunity he jumped at the chance. Justin brought an entirely different atmosphere to this band, one that was much needed.

"We spent the next couple months recording our new album, titled 'Murder the Dance', with producer Christian Olde Wolbers (guitarist of FEAR FACTORY), in Reseda, California. We finished production around the end of July 2007, but due to delays outside of our control, mixing for the album didn't begin until November 2007. We are proud to say this fucking album is crushing!

"We're now rehearsing our asses off to get ready for tour this spring, but with no release date for the album yet it's difficult to book tours at the moment. We'll let everyone know once we've heard a release date.

"We have however booked one show in Oklahoma City, OK, on the 16th of February at The Sooner Corral. We'll be playing with longtime friends HORSE CALLED WAR and THE PHOENIX SYNDROME, as well as many other local bands in the OKC area. We'll be playing a setlist consisting of every track on our new album, as well as a couple oldie but goodies! We should have new gear available at the show, and we're pushing the hell out of our label to get us new CDs by then. Either way, you'll hear the new material. If you're in the area, hit us up and let us know you're coming out!

"A big thank you to everyone for being so patient with us, this album will not be disappointing to you!!"