BLINK 182 - Neuer Song auf Tour



BLINK 182 haben ein neues Release vor ihrer Reunion Tour ausgeschlossen. Gemäß Billboard wird man aber einen neuen Song auf der Tour spielen. Delonge hierzu:

"[The song has] got a little bit of (Pink) Floyd, a little bit of Rush, a little bit of blink in there. It's crazy, but it somehow sounds exactly like where we left off (in 2005). It's an amazing song."

Bezüglich etwaigen Ähnlichkeiten zum ANGELS AND AIRWAVES Material führt Delonge an:

"The talks this morning were hot to incorporate the word 'fuck' in such a way that it somehow is parallel if not better than when it was lit on fire 10 years ago. I remember on the very first song of some of these larger tours we did, when the big Fuck sign lit on fire, parents would stand up and walk their kids out, A DJ explained it really good to me once; 'I tell my kid it's not bad if it's art. If you're not doing art, you can't say words like that.' I thought that was a really good way to handle it."