BLOOD YOUTH - stellen neuen Song im Stream vor



Die Briten von BLOOD YOUTH stellen mit "Iron Lung" einen neuen Song mitsamt Videoclip vor. Das aktuelle Albunm der Band heisst "Starve" und war 2019 via Rude Records erschienen. Frontmann Kaya Tarsus zum Inhalt des Tracks: 

"We wrote Iron Lung just before the impacts of the pandemic swept across the globe, and looking back it couldn’t have been more fitting if we tried. The song centres around having someone or something to get us through each day; “Will you breathe for me? Will you bleed for me?” We all have our own shit going on in life, and at the end of the day you’re the only person that can help yourself through it. In the video, we see this masked figure, living in his own hell and doing what he can to survive. He creates something to worship and hold on to through the darkest times"