BOLD im Studio



Hier dazu das Statement der Band:

""We're recording right now... out in L.I. at Vipen Studios (you guys should check this place out... the studio is great, they have a completely professional set up, and the guys that work here are rad and know what theyre doing). Vinny and Porcell did drums and rhythm (respectively) last week and Tim is laying down bass as this is being typed. So far things are sounding pretty good. Tom will be up next to lay down his classic shredding, followed by Matt with his own blend of thoughtful yet powerful, hardcore crooning. So wish us luck with the remainder of our recording endeavors, which we hope to finish up next week. We'll let you know the final outcome and what we plan to do with it, once we figure that out ourselves.In other news, we just got a pretty good recording of our last Connecticut show (1.15.06), thanks to the sound guy that night, so we'll be posting a live version of "Open Season" as soon as we cut it up. We'll let you know when that happens. Keep it Posi..."