BORN FROM PAIN - Schreiben neue Songs



Hollands BORN FROM PAIN sind dabei, neue Songs für den Nachfolger des "War" Albums zu schreiben. Dazu die Band:

“We are currently laying low for a while writing new songs and preparing pre-production for studio dates in a while and an after summer release.
While writing, we are doing 10 days of France and Italy in April so come and check it out. We got a lot of tour stuff waiting in the pipeline to be confirmed. Also, we got a a lot of summer fests confirmed and a lot coming so keep your eyes peeled.

"Our singer Kevin [Otto] is currently fighting with his vocal cord infection and vocal cord troubles he used to have in END OF DAYS days. Our luck that we are writing a lot 'cos he needs rest vocal-wise at this point.

"We sincerely apologize to everybody at De Peppel in Zeist and everyone that bought tickets or was going to come to the show. It is the second time we had to cancel the show in De Peppel and we feel really bad about it, but there was no way that Kevin could do it. We promise to come back and make it up for real!"