Metal Blade Records Europe wird die ersten beiden BRAINSTORM Alben „Hungry“ und „Unholy“ mit Bonusmaterial wiederveröffentlichen.

Beide Alben erscheinen am 23. März.

Torsten Ihlenfeld (Gitarre) hierzu:

„When we played our tour for ‚Liquid Monster’ we realised after a few glasses of Wine that in 2007 it would be ten years since the release of our debut album “Hungry”. Besides the typical wining around how fast time flies by, etc… we also came up with something creative. Why not re-releasing the debut album as well as it´s successor “Unholy”? Both records were not available anymore for quite some time and the timing seemed perfect to us. No new album in 2007, but two re-issues of our first two albums. Of course we didn´t just want to re-release the albums in it´s original version and after searching the archives, we found some really cool bonus material to include. Next up it was clear that we wanted to remaster both albums and even re-mix the "Hungry" album if in anyway possible - and we did!!! This is definitely the best possible sound you can get of the first two BRAINSTORM albums! Compare it to the originals which are included as a bonus in the very same package(s).”

Beide Alben werden mit neuem Artwork und Booklet daherkommen.

“About the bonus material (remastered as well!) – The “Hungry” album includes our “5th Season demo” from 1994 with six songs and a running time of 30 minutes. This demo gives you the chance to travel to the very early days of the band and yes, we are still very proud of the demo and quite satisfied with it! “Unholy” includes two demos, “Heart Of Hate” from 1993 and the “Promo 96” demo, plus the original Japanese bonus track of “Unholy”. 5 songs in total clocking in after 25 minutes.”

“We as a band celebrate the first decade of BRAINSTORM releases with these re-issues and we hope you guys out there enjoy these albums as much as we still do!”

“On another note – a BRAINSTORM DVD is in the works where you can (among tons of other stuff) also see footage from the old days. We hope to release the DVD by the end of June, 2007.”

“And to all those asking for a new album. Be cool! A new BRAINSTORM album will be recorded later on this year to be released in early 2008! We will continue our crusade and hope the next decade will be even more successful than the first one!”

Brainstorm – Hungry (RE + Bonus)
Re-mastered Album Hungry:

- Nails In My Hands
- King Of Fools
- Innocent Until Caught
- The Other Side
- Tomorrow never comes
- Liar's edge
- Tell Tale Heart
- Welcome To The Other Side
- Bring You Down
- Deep Down Into Passion
- Mr. Know-It-All
Playing time: almost 50 minutes!
plus 6 Bonus Tracks (5th Season Demo, 1994)
- Liar's Edge (Demoversion)
- Live In Shame
- Kamikaze
- Up From The Ashes
- Blind
- Reach For The Sky
Playing time: almost 30 minutes
plus the original "Hungry" Album on CD2
Total playing time: almost 130 minutes

Brainstorm – Unholy (RE + Bonus)
Re-mastered album "Unholy"
- Holy War
- Here Comes The Pain
- Voices
- The Healer
- Don't Stop Believing
- Heart Of Hate
- Rebellion
- For The Love Of Money
- Love is A Lie
- Into The Fire
- Dog Days Coming Down
- Wooly Bully (original Bonustrack)
Playing Time: over 63 minutes
plus 2 Bonus tracks (Heart Of Hate Demo, 1993)

- Heart Of Hate (Demoversion)
- Valley Of The Kings
Playing Time demotracks: 15 minutes
plus original "Unholy" album on CD2 incl. original Japan bonus "Up from The Ashes"
plus 2 Bonus tracks (Promo 96 Demo, 1996)

- The Other Side (Demoversion)
- Suck My Energy
Playing Time Demotracks: 12 minutes
Total Playing time: over 150 minutes!