BRAND NEW SIN - Haben einen neuen Sänger



BRAND NEW SIN haben Ersatz für den ausgeschiedenen Sängers Joe Altier in Joe Sweet gefunden und kommentieren dieses Ereignis wie folgt:

"BRAND NEW SIN is back! After almost five months, their hunt for a new vocalist has led them to Joe Sweet from Utica, NY. Joe is the former singer of NINE BALL, which later became NINE STORIES HIGH. Known as the front man of JOMAMA and the FUNKDADDY'S AND JOMAMA and the SOULTRANE, Mr. Sweet is also well known as the organizer of the annual Utica Music Fest, hosting over 150 up-and-coming national music acts. BRAND NEW SIN will debut their new sound at Operation Metal Siege June 14th at Peggy O'Neill's, Coney Island, NY."