BROADSIDE - neues Album im Juli



Mit "Into The Raging Sea" verkuenden BROADSIDE ihr neues Album, welches am 24. Juli via SharpTone Records erscheint. Anbei stellt die Band um Frontmann Ollie Baxxter mit “Foolish Believer" bereits einen ersten Vorabsong im Stream vor. Baxxer zur Platte: 

The album came out like magicI’m not trying to impress or keep up with the hype. I wasn’t under any pressure. We just wrote an album without knowing what it would turn into. All of the people I’ve idolized always say songs just flowed out of them, not because they wanted them to necessarily, but because they had to. Up until recently, that didn’t feel realistic for me. I didn’t think I was capable of creating art with that pureness of spirit"