BROADWAY CALLS - Poppunks gegen Atomenergie



In ihrem neuen Song "Radiophobia" singen BROADWAY CALLS ueber die Angst vor radioaktiver Strahlung und dadurch bedingte Schaeden. Der Song wird auf dem kommenden Album "Sad In The City" enthalten sein, welches am 10. Juli via Red Scare Industries erscheint. Anbei gibt es das Lyricvideo zum Track der Poppunkband aus Oregon. Frontmann Ty Vaughn sagt:

"“Radiophobia” is about the fear and anger we should all have about being born into a world with the bomb. Fuck Harry Truman. Fuck the military industrial complex. Growing up in the shadow of a cooling tower shaped my fear of radiation at a very young age. The nuclear power plant right down the road was a target during the cold war, and when the air raid drill sirens went off they would shake the whole town. The plan was to get on school busses and head towards the coast if there was ever a meltdown at the plant. We knew what a meltdown at a reactor would mean at the age of 7. It would mean never seeing our town and maybe families again. The plant was shut down in the early 90's, but the fear never subsided."