BRUTUS - Debutalbum im Februar



BRUTUS stammen aus Belgien und spielen ihre eigene Version aus Blackmetal, Mathrock und Punk. Für den 24. Februar 2017 kuendigt das Trio aus Leuven ihr Debüt-Album "Burst" via Hassle Records / Soulfood an. Vorab stellt die Band um Drummerin und Saengerin Stefanie Mannaerts einen Videoclip zum Song "All Along" vor.

“For this record, I had to dig deep into hidden and guarded emotions. It’s not so easy to sing about myself, so I used the third person. And it’s also not easy to drum a blast-beat over a melodic vocal to capture some exact feelings. All Along is for a loved one, a band, the friends around me that are actually able to stand me.”


Tracklisting "Burst":

01. March
02. All Along
03. Not Caring
04. Justice De Julia II
05. Drive
06. Bird
07. Crack / Waste
08. Looking for Love on Devils Mountain
09. Horde II
10. Baby Seal
11. Child