BUSTER SHUFFLE - limitierte Vinylsingle



Mit "Sucker Punch Blues" stellen die britischen Mod-2-Tone-Punks von BUSTER SHUFFLE den Titelsong ihrer neuen, streng limitierten und handnummerierten 2-Song Vinylsingle vor, die am 28. Mai gleich in fuenf verschiedenen Farben und Artworks (u.a. designte Horace Panter von den legendären The Specials ein Cover) auf Screaming Records erscheint.  Frontmann Jet Baker kommentiert den politisch motivierten Song wie folgt: 

"Buster Shuffle and all other UK touring musicians have been left for dead. In Sucker Punch Blues we sing/cry about no longer being able to tour and visit our neighbours/friends on the continent. UK musicians have been left high and dry by the UK government, with no touring options available due to costly visas and red tape. This has to change to save the UK music industry. Touring is VITAL to all bands, without it we are in serious peril. Please support UK touring musicians. Tell the UK Government know that it is not ok to leave us high and dry like they have. Oven ready deal and all that.............not so."