CATARACT nehmen neues Album erst im Juni auf



Die schweizer Thrashcorer CATARACT haben ihre Pläne geändert und werden jetzt doch erst im Juni/Juli das Studio entern. Die Standleitung zu Schlagzeuger Patrick Dürst vermeldet das etwas detaillierter wie folgt:

"Its murphys law. As soon as you have everything sorted, everything changes again. Here we go: our planned stay in the studio will be moved towards June/July, this will give us more time to sharpen the blades so its not a bad thing after all. However, the release date will also be moved and well keep you posted about it as soon as we know more. Were already more than busy with the new material and we will have a pre production done in Feb/march."

Nichtsdestotrotz werden CATARACT in den nächsten Monaten einige Shows spielen: "We will add some dates very soon as these changes give us some space. However, we will keep the amount of shows to a minimum so we dont obstruct the preparations/work on the new album. Check our dates section and our MySpace to see the dates we have confirmed. Changing the studio also means well have to cancel some shows for summer which have already been confirmed but not yet announced. Were sorry about this but youll understand that our 6th album is our top priority!"