CHAMBERS - EP-Kollektion via Pure Noise Records




Pure Noise Records nimmt CHAMBERS unter Vertrag und verkuendet das Release der 12” EP "Ripping / Pulling / Tearing". Die Platte vereint die beiden EP's "Hatred Softly Spoken" und “Final Shape / In Search of Truth” - ausserdem gibt es auf der 8-Song-Platte den neuen Song “Replacing Every Weakness” zo hoeren, zu dem die Hardcoreband unten einen Videoclip vorstellt. 

Frontmann Jacob Lilly kommentiert das Release wie folgt: 

These eight songs really show the growth of our band over the past year and we’re happy we got the chance to revisit them in a way that accurately represents where we are as a band today.” He continues, “We’re excited to be working with Pure Noise Records on this release, as they are constantly putting out great records, working hard and pushing their bands.”