Wochen nach ihrem Split-Up gibt nun CHAMPION Frontmann Jim Hesketh folgendes Statement ab:

"After 7 years, one full length, two 7" eps, one split ep with friends, Betrayed, countless tours spanning Asia, Europe, Australia, Caribbean, and North America, Champion, the straightedge band based out of Seattle Washington has decided to call it quits. While in the process of writing for the 2nd full length we realized that the band might be better put to rest. The amount of touring we had done on the 1st full length was so extreme that in a way we wore ourselves out. Champion was started as something we did for fun. We wanted to create hardcore music the way we liked. Trying to gear up for the new record and crazy touring schedule left us all feeling like it was more of a job to us than our passion. There is nothing I loved more than touring, being on the road, seeing new faces every night, seeing familiar faces from the time before. It was my favorite aspects of Champion. But there came a point when things became to feel like a business to us. We have always had problems keeping people in the band who can keep up with our hectic touring schedule so there were always people in and out of the band. With all the pressure to do another record and to tour, it wasn't what we "wanted" to do anymore; it was what we "had" to do. So before making any commitments that we would be bound to, we decided to end it now, while everyone in the band was still friends and still loved everything we did together as a band. NO ONE SOLD OUT. Todd and Aram will continue with their band betrayed, myself and Chris will go into hiding and show our faces time and time again at shows in the pit like we always have. We will be doing our final show may 27th in Seattle at El Corazon. The Answer, Sinking Ships, Allegiance, and Outbreak will be playing. Champion was my everything for 7 years of my life, now it is time to move on and it's hard for me to do. I hope everyone can come out for our last show.
Thank you for the memories
much love
Jim Hesketh"