CHIMAIRA - Album ist fertig und erscheint in den USA über Ferret



CHIMAIRA haben ihr neues Album fertig gestellt. Das von Ben Schigel produzierte und Zeuss gemixte "The Infection" wird in den USA über Ferret am 21. April 2009 erscheinen. Das sagt Sänger Mark Hunter:

"Sonically, this album sounds amazing. Ben, Zeuss and Ted did an amazing job making our vision come to reality. The album has exceeded everyone in this band's expectations. Now we all get to play the game 'hurry up and wait' as we won't be posting a new track for a little bit because our record labels (yes, I said labels) need to listen to the album and hear the songs before you guys. I trust you understand. After all, they did pay for us to record them; it's only fair they get first dibs."