CHIODOS - Craig Owens über die Zukunft



Ex-CHIODOS Frontmann Craig Owens hat sich in einem Blog über die Zukunft ausgelassen. Lest selbst:

"so, for the past few months.. ‘we’ have been working really hard - creating a new record for our new band. ‘we’ have a ton of material & plan on spending a little more time perfecting the songs- to ensure that this is the best record we have ever written, as individuals, and as a group. ‘we’ really appreciate all of your patience as this has been a long process for all of us.

I do believe though, that it is about time that I begin to slowly start sharing more information with all of you on what it is that has had so much hard work and time put into it..

so, how about.. on Tuesday? would you guys be into me revealing a band member via my twitter on that day?"