CLIENT. - ab sofort als TWIN RED unterwegs



Aufgrund von namensrechtlichen Hintergründen benennen sich CLIENT. aus Celle um und sind ab sofort als TWIN RED unterwegs. Anbei das Statement der Emocoreband:

as some of you might know there is another band called Client, who have the rights and trademark to it. So we got asked to change our name. We respect and accept that. There is no bad blood or anything between them and us.

We hereby announce that from now on this band go under the name of TWIN RED. We hope that some of you already like the name or will get used to it.

You can all help us out in spreading the news by sharing this, since we still want to reach out everyone who has liked us. We greatly appreciate any kind of help.
Expect to hear new material in 2016.
Thank you very much.
Love, Twin Red
(Formerly known as Client.)"