Für COHEED AND CAMBRIA fängt der Sommer mit der Vans Warped Tour gerade erst so richtig an und alle schauen gespannt auf den neuen Drummer Chris Pennie, der sich nun einer ersten Bewährungsprobe aussetzen darf. Kurz bevor es auf die Tour geht, haben COHEED AND CAMBRIA folgendes an ihre Fans zu berichten:

"Today our summer officially begins.

We are done with recording and ready to rock all summer long on Warped tour. We are very proud of the new record we just completed and can’t wait for you to hear it. We are looking to release it in October. We will have lots of news and fun announcements, contests, and a new song along the way, so keep a look out for stuff. On another note we feel like we have a lot of good new merch for Warped (and more coming as we go). So say hello to our friends Erin and Rory in the Merch booth. And we’re sure you’ve heard the rumors and they’re true. We would like to welcome our new drummer, Chris Pennie. He is a phenomenal drummer and we look forward to playing with him this summer and beyond. We are very lucky to have him on board, so give him a shout out at the shows. As the summer progresses, you will start hearing more and more about our new album and we hope you are as excited as we are about it all unfolding.

Claudio, Travis, Mic and Chris - Co & Ca"