COILGUNS - Albumrelease



Mit "Watchwinders" erscheint diese Woche, genauer am 25. Oktober das neue Album der Schweizer von COILGUNS auf dem bandeigenen Label Hummus Records (welches Gitarrist Jona Nido ins Leben rief). Unten stellt die Band ein brandneues Video zur Single "Prioress" vor. Die Band kommentiert den Track wie folgt: 

"The longer the night the less we sleep. Our muscles always start hurting when we can finally rest. We're all brave and dedicated entrepeneurs but at the end of the day instead of enjoying our work we sit and swear we could do better. This song is a good antidote. We thought it was meant to be a minor interlude, but it grew for us into a keypoint of the album. We added things step by step, vague ideas gathered and arranged without thinking too much about it. Everything found its natural place. Even when we finally decided to add vocals, they came out easily. It appeared to be a very resilient song, despite the darkness of its tone and theme."




21.11 – Berlin (D) @ Zukunft am Ostkreuz
22.11 – Stuttgart (D) @ Ju-Ha West
23.11 – Fribourg (CH) @ Hummus Fest / Fri-Son