DARKANE - Erster Teil des Studiotagebuches



DARKANE haben ein Studio Diary Teil I zur Verfügung gestellt. Darin schreibt die Band:

"This is our first post from the studio. We entered the studio on Monday the 18th of February. We still don’t have our own studio since the old one was flooded this past summer so we’re renting another studio here in Helsingborg where we set up all our own equipment. Like usual when Darkane is in the studio we had tons of bad luck so it took four days setting up the studio, changing all cables that suddenly were broken, changing toms that sounded bad in this recording room and so on; quite frustrating when you just want to start recording.

I’ve laid down drums on 14 tracks and we’ll see how many end up on the final CD. It’s hard to tell what direction the record is taking but it definitely sounds like Darkane and with lots of fast songs. I came up with some cool improvised parts and I also had to take some time “writing” some typical Wildoer parts in the studio.

Right now we’re recording guitars and almost half of the songs are done. The guitar sound is killer in my opinion. Right now Chris is shredding so his fingers bleed and Klas has also done some insane riffing. Next week Jörgen will start recording the bass and Chris and Klas will continue with melody and solo guitars.

We will also be posting a video diary for this album. You can view the first installment through the link below. Make sure to check back here often for more updates and video entries. Some pictures will also be posted here shortly."