DEATH BY STEREO - Video Blog und weitere Infos



DEATH BY STEREO arbeiten bekanntlich an ihrem neuen Album und haben bereits den ersten Teil ihres Video Blogs online gestellt. Efrem Schulz hierzu:

"Myself, Dan Palmer, Tyler Rebbe, and Chris Dalley have been writing, rehearsing and recording with our producer JASON FREESE. In true D.B.S. form, we are trying to make a record that is new and different from the last. We are always trying to change and evolve. There is some of the fastest stuff we've ever done on this record along with some of the most melodic stuff we've ever attempted as well. We are more excited than I think we have ever been about any record. We can't wait to get this album done and get back out on the road and see all of our friends that we have not seen in so long."