DESCENDENTS - neue Single im Stream



Die DESCENDENTS aus Los Angeles hatten zuletzt ihre Single "Suffrage" veroeffentlicht - jetzt melden sich Milo und Co mit "That’s The Breaks" zurueck. Die Band gruendete sich 1978 in den Beach Cities in LA und bestehen heute aus Sänger Milo Aukerman, Gitarrist Stephen Egerton, Bassist Karl Alvarez und Drummer (und Punkrockproduzent) Bill Stevenson. Die Band kommentiert:

"Loser. Big time loser. Delusional loser. SORE loser. The time has come. The time is now.  Just go, go, GO. I don't care how. Donald J. Trump, will you please go now!", fügt Sänger Milo Aukerman hinzu. "What's it gonna take? A gazillion dollars? (Oh wait, you already grifted that from supporters)... A get out of jail free card? (Only if our judicial system totally fails us)... A wooden stake through the heart?  Whatever we can do to make you go away, we need to do it.  And I don't mean just leave the White House, I mean crawl back into your hole of hate and live out the rest of your life as a nobody.  A loser.  Because that's what you are. Worst. President. Ever."