DESTROY BOYS - unterschreiben bei Hopeless Records



Die Garagen/Punkband DESTROY BOYS um Violet Mayugba, Alexia Roditis und Narsai Malik sind neuester Zugang im Hause Hopeless Records. Anbei stellt das Trio aus der Bay Area mit dem Song "Muzzle" eine neue Single vor, die von Martin Cooke (Death Cab For Cutie, Of Monsters And Men) produziert wurde und ab sofort zu haben ist. 

Roditis kommentiert:

“It’s important to have women, and queer people, people of color, and differently-abled people in all aspects of the music industry, to have that support. Now we’re able to have more of a say in who we work with, and when you have that kind of control, you should do good with it. We’re really excited to be in a place where we can create the album we want to create”, she continues. ”They took our project very personally; they were really excited about us, and they don’t seem to want to infringe on what we have. They want us to maintain our own vision”.