DIMMU BORGIR - Metal Hammer Italy vs. Nuclear Blast



Hier ein Statement von Nuclear Blast bezüglich eines Settlements mit dem Metal Hammer Italy. Ein Journalist des Magazins wurde zuvor beschuldigt Tracks des DIMMU BORGIR Albums "In Sorte Diaboli" illegal zum Download angeboten zu haben:

"We have written in a press statement dated 15 March 2007 that the source of the illegal download files of the Dimmu Borgir album "In Sorte Diaboli" was Mr Luca Pessina, a journalist with Metal Hammer Italy and Metalitalia.com. That statement gave the impression that Mr Pessina was responsible for releasing those files to the internet. We now accept that this is not the case. Mr Pessina has made it explicitly clear that he did not use the files and he did not release them in any way. An investigation by Nuclear Blast has shown that Mr Pessina did not himself download any of the files from In Sorte Diaboli. It has not been possible to determine who was responsible for uploading the files for illegal download. Nuclear Blast has, therefore, now definitely decided to refrain from any legal action against Mr Pessina and regrets any distress or harm caused to Mr Pessina and his reputation as the result of any misunderstandings of our previous statement."