DOOMRIDERS - Demos für´s neue Album



Die Band, welche sich bekanntermaßen aus Mitgliedern von CONVERGE, CAVE IN und OLD MAN GLOOM zusammensetzt, gibt einen kurzen Überblick über ihre Zukunftspläne. Hier das Statement:

"We've been getting alot of messages lately asking what we're up to, why we dont have any tour dates posted, etc....

so here's whats up.....while we eagerly await the birth of J.R.'s first child, we have been dilligently writing a new album for your listening pleasure. With everyones schedules and other bands its been hard to write new songs, so we finally decided that we arent going to play shows for a while and just focus on writing new material. We recently did some demos with Kurt Ballou at Godcity and we are VERY stoked on the direction the songs are going."