DROWN THIS CITY - Video zu "Carbon14"



Die australische Metalcoreband DROWN THIS CITY veroeffentlicht heute ihre neue EP "Colours We Won't Know" via UNFD. Im Zuge des Releases stellt die Band aus Melbourne unten zudem einen Videoclip zur Single "Carbon14" vor. Bassist und Toby Thomas, der die Lyrics verfasst hat, erklaert den Inhalt des Tracks wie folgt:

"The lyrics are a personal expression of the inner turmoil I have felt between the fight for positivity while also not believing it is something my atomic structure would ever allow me to experience" ,he says. "The story is told from the perspective of a man who has spent years working at his mental health only to feel a sense of failure and constant short comings. It describes the mental turmoil the character is experiencing whilst trying to stay on track to better himself instead of giving in to his demons and settling into the comfort of a darker state of mind"