DROWN THIS CITY - neuer Bassist und neue Single



Die Australier von DROWN THIS CITY stellen ihren neuen Bassisten/Saenger Toby Thomas vor und praesentieren zugleich eine neue Single namens "New Burn Order". Der Track ist das erste neue Material was die Metal/Alternativeband aus Melbourne in diesem Jahr und in der neuen Besetzung vorstellt. Zuletzt war die Debut-EP "Alpha // Survivor" der Band 2019 via UNFD erschienen. Frontfrau Alex Reade kommentiert:

“There's a line that says 'You said you were ashamed to share my DNA, I’m sorry to tell you we are counterparts – mirror image, blurred view'... I want to tell them we are cut from the same cloth, my destruction is their destruction, my shame is their shame. They don’t have what it takes to survive this and I’m going to show them I do", adding: "While you are not responsible for what happens to you, but you are for how you react. True freedom is acceptance that all our feelings, hurts, pains, vices, they belong to us now and we must battle them alone – carry them with pride – I’m not burning to be annihilated but to be cleansed and set free"