DUSTIN KENSRUE (THRICE) - Statement zu christlichem Musikprojekt



Der Frontmann von THRICE äußerte sich zu seinen aktuellen Arbeiten am christlichen Musikprojekt THE MODERN POST, die für die Zukunft nicht seine einzigen sein/bleiben sollen:

"Clarification. Read this whole post if you are confused about why the lyrics of the new EP are overtly Christian.
These songs are specifically written/selected/arranged for the context of singing in gathered worship. It doesn't mean that's the only purpose, but it changes the approach quite a bit. My point is that this project (and some of those to follow) are not outside of Thrice because I couldn't say what I wanted to say in that context, but because they have a completely different focus and purpose.
With Thrice, and my solo project, I am creating music to express a variety of things, with a large and diverse audience in mind. With a project like this, the focus is on songs that are singable for groups of people together, for the purpose of praising Jesus as Lord, God, and Savior.
While not everyone who likes my music will want to do this, I still would like to share what I am creating with all of you, as it does have value as music in it's own right, apart from the specific purpose in mind.
The reason I want to make this clear, is that it would be sad to think that some of you would think that I am "going Christian," meaning, making poor music just for Christians, and ceasing to make music that engages with culture at large. I assure you that I hate the Christian art ghetto more than most, if not all of you. As I see it, Christians should make good art, that shows forth truth and beauty for all, or make art that is for a specific purpose within the church. Making subpar cheesy art for Christians to consume comfortably is a tragedy for everyone.
All that being said, I hope that these songs can be enjoyed by all, though I understand the nature of the more direct lyrics may be too confronting for many to deal with, and that is perfectly fine.
There will be music in the future that is not specifically written or arranged for gathered worship as well, so keep your ears to the ground if this isn't your cup of tea. I treasure my interaction with those of different backgrounds, beliefs, practices, etc, and I am thankful for your willingness to engage with those who think differently than you, rather than demonizing them. Peace. "