ELECTRIC WIZARD - neue Platte im November



ELECTRIC WIZARD melden sich mit neuem Album zurück: Am 10. November erscheint mit  "Wizard Bloody Wizard" das neunte Studioalbum der Briten via Spinefarm. Mit „See You In Hell“ steht eine erste Single der Platte im STREAM bereit - die Frontmann Jus Oborn wie folgt kommentiert:

“Right away we knew this was it… the new direction we should go in. Real heavy music… really basic heavy rock, blues based but brutal. I think a lot of modern heavy music has disappeared up its own arse… it’s too pretentious and technical. We wanted to get back to that primal sound… over amplified blues… Hendrix, Blue Cheer, Zeppelin. They took that music and then turned it up… so we thought let's do the blues in our style. Heavy, heavy super fuckin' blues, total snail-paced funeral boogie for this 21st century hell. I guess it's meant to be hopeless but it's also defiant and unbroken.”