ENDWELL - Ausgeraubt in Texas



ENDWELL wurden vergangenes Wochenende in Texas ausgeraubt. Sänger Sean Murphy berichtet:

"Last night in Corpus Christi, Texas, Our money box was stolen from one of our merch bins with almost $2000 in it... every penny we had as a band, all money that we needed to pay off our merch debt, van insurance, and oh yeah, gas to get to every show. In the 6 years Endwell has been a band there's been 4 Vans (one of which flipped), more drummers than spinal tap, we've been kicked off tours and even dropped from a record label for playing what we want to play...in 3 years of touring full-time we have NEVER come home with any money. We get in the van and at the end of they day if we can eat and crash on a friends floor then it's all worth it. We've made some of the best friends we have from touring and bonding with like minded people and its a beautiful thing. We want to thank all the kids who donated a few bucks to us last night so we could get to our next show.

We've never been a band to ask for anything from our fans and quite frankly were opposed to bands who just blatantly ask fans to donate money to them for no reason...but we have no choice, our lives were in that cashbox. Without that money we can't pay for the van or merch, which means we can't sell merch which means we can't afford gas or food. So with the help of a good friend we are setting up a Paypal so if anyone out there wants to help us out by donating a few dollars it would help tremendously and we will find a way to show our appreciation. We just finished wrapping up the mixing and artwork for our first Mediaskare full length 'Consequences' coming out April 21st 2009 and we should be putting up new songs this week. We're not going to let this hold us back. Thanks for the support. come out and catch us on the rest of this tour with Ambush! and The Miles Between. Thanks again. we will have a paypal button up on our page at some point today. In the meanwhile if you would like to donate. The paypal account email is: Rcfisherman345@gmail.com. Please put 'Endwell donation' on the Paypal form. Thanks for taking the time to read this."