EPHEL DUATH - Neuer Sänger im Team



Die italienischen Avantgarde Metaller von EPHEL DUATH haben mit Guillermo Gonzales einen neuen Sänger im Bandgefüge. Dazu Gitarrist Davide Tiso:

"Guillermo has been close to Ephel Duath for some time - he almost joined the band before in 2003! He was going to take the place of the clean vocalist Davide Tolomei who left Ephel Duath after The Painters Palette. Then we realized that Guillermo's aggressive vocal approach was going to clash with Lucio and we all agreed to abandon the idea. In any case, from that moment on Guillermo started to be very active with Ephel Duath, helping me with lyrics and the development of the concepts so far. The whole idea behind the songs 'Vector' and 'Vector Third Movement' from Pain Necessary To Know come from a conversation we had together. More recently, he was the person that pushed me to write the short stories I did for Through My Dog's Eyes.

"I always thought that one day I was going to have a band with my friend Guillermo, then when Lucio realized that he was forced to abandon the band, we both agreed that he was the right person to call to properly continue the activity of Ephel Duath. We are already working so hard, that I didn't have the time to realize how excited I am to start this new adventure... What I know is that I'm really, really happy and genuinely trusting for the future of my life, and my band."