EQUILIBRIUM haben einen neuen Sänger



EQUILIBRIUM verkünden die Ankuft von Robse als neuen Sänger, der die Nachfolge von Helge Stang antritt.

Mainman René Berthiaume dazu: “We know Robse for quite some time now so for us it was a just a logical decision having him as the new singer of EQUILIBRIUM. The recordings are on and with his stunning voice we got shitloads of new possibilities for the new album up our sleeves! The mood in the band is fantastic and we can’t wait to enter the stage with Robse!”

Dazu Robse: “I am really proud and thankful for being a part of the EQUILIBRIUM family now! Two years ago, René asked me if I wanted to handle the vocals on one of his projects. So the foundation was already there. Now being the singer of his main band is just amazing! The boys and the girl welcomed me so warmly and I am SO looking forward to the things to come!”