ESCAPE THE FATE trennen sich von Sänger, suchen Ersatz



Kurz vor dem Release ihres ersten Epitaph Longplayers "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion", welches am 26. September via Epitaph erscheint, haben ESCAPE THE FATE den Ausstieg von Sänger Ronnie Radke verkündet.

Hier das Statement der Band:

"We feel that in order for the band to move forward, the only possible way, will have to be without him. The reasons as to why are very personal. Just know that we still love him and we wish him all the best of luck in the future.

We need a new lead singer and we need one now. If you think it could be you and want to audition here's what to do... There is a myspace account on our Top 8 called "Escape The Fate Submissions". Post everything there! We will be looking for everything from youtube videos, to demos from your old bands, to mp3s and anything you can do to let us hear what you got."

Die Band hat ihre Tour mit BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE abgebrochen, will jedoch wieder auf die Straße zurückkehren, wenn alle Probleme aus der Welt geschaffen sind.