ETERNAL STRUGGLE - neue Single der Metalcoreband aus Tel Aviv



ETERNAL STRUGGLE stellen einen neuen Song ihres kommenden Albums vor. "On Broken Backs" kann unten bereits vorab im Stream angehoert werden - "Year of the Gun" kann dann ab dem 30. April via Demons Run Amok Entertainment vorbestellt werden. Im Statement der israelischen Metaller heisst es:

"We are appalled by all of the societal inequalities our world ‘leaders’ have created on our planet. Enough is enough. We wrote ‘On Broken Backs’ as a call to the 99% for unity against the system that oppresses us. We know their tactics and they will no longer work on us. Enough of manipulation, ignorance. We’ve had enough pain and abuse. We won’t let them shape us or divide us. That’s what they want. We have a voice against them. Stay strong! Stay sharp!"