EVERTIM - Video zu "Let Me Go"



Von ihrer neuen EP "Your Heaven Held Me Well" stellen EVERTIM aus Brighton, UK einen ersten Song mitsamt Videoclip im Stream vor. Die Platte der Emorockband erscheint am 19. Januar via Fox Records - anbei kann "Let Me Go" angehoert und -gesehen werden. Frontmann Alex Tuck zur Vorabsingle:

"'Let Me Go' is about that specific moment at the end of the relationship: the break-up. So many thoughts can go running through your head after hearing just a few words, and lyrically that's what this song is. This is about love, regret, denial, and above all, positivity. The EP title 'Your Heaven Held Me Well' sits in the chorus, echoing the message of this record. This song's for that one person.'